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What's in a name?

There's nothing in "Untitled" . I understand the difficulty an artist faces when the painting is done and you go from idea to process and then you have to come up with a title. You have to call it something so that you and the photographer know which file it is and call it by the same name. (For a while Norm was calling every painting "Grapes" and between he and I we never knew which painting we were talking about.)

This title thing can be a conundrum. (I can't believe I have used the word "conundrum".) Sometimes the title is a statement of fact -it is a "Tree". Sometimes it becomes a bit more descriptive "Willow Tree" or even more "Willow Tree by the Pond. Then you can add the time of day: " Willow Tree by the Pond In the Morning Sun". (Try getting that one on a price tag without the tag standing out more than the painting.) Better...."Morning Breeze", or "Early Reflections". These show that you, the artist, have given it some thought. It sure beats "Tree" or worse..."Untitled"

So I finish this painting -


And it needs a title. The easy thing would be "Callas". Next up would be "Purple Callas" Next up from that would be "A Bunch of Purple Callas" Nope - not doing it. I need to give it a title that is better than that. I will have to ponder this for a while. I like the way the petals and the leaves are all twist-y turn-y. Since that is what caught my eye enough to take the time to paint it I should pick up on that. Feel free to give suggestions!

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