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WF Tour of Artists is a Success

The Wake Forest Tour of Artists was quite a success. The Wake Forest Guild OF Artists put on the Tour OF Artists. (Way too many "OFs" for me). There's some history there of why it can't be called "Art Tour" or "Studio Tour" but I never quite got it. There was a steady stream of people coming through and I sold quite a few prints and cards. Enough for me to definitely call the hours I spent sitting there hours well spent. Thanks goes to Jeanne Fredriksen for the fabulous marketing job she did sending out press releases and notices to all the media including television. Her efforts brought out so many people and many new ones. Whoo-hoo! Thanks also to our hard working Board that organized and got it done. They are a wonderful group of artists that really care about the WF art community.

The best part of the Tour was talking to the people that came through. Some were artists that seem to have specific questions to ask and others just interested parties. (Did somebody say "party"?) There were so many that asked if I teach classes that I am considering looking into it. I would have to decide the level, the focus....the age.... a lot to ponder. (There was only one drawback to the event. It was too early in the day to enjoy wine while working. Drinking wine at 10:00 a.m. is a bit early.)

Another good thing about the Tour is that I get a whole lot of painting done. Being out of the house in and artsy place with other artists all working is a good thing. I started three paintings! (Now I just have to finish them)

Untitled #1 a second hydrangea. Petal by some, explain the wet on wet technique, paint another petal. I started this one Saturday morning and got this much done by end of day Sunday.


Untitled #2 I used this little painting to show how to do a negative painting. Glad I did. There were people coming in that were there last year that said "Oh, here's the grape lady". So I have a reputation to uphold. Can't do a tour without some grapes.


AND I did this one....


Robin Berry would be proud of me. I actually tried the pouring technique that I learned at the TWSA workshop last June again... and in front of an audience! I made it smaller than we did in her workshop so that it was not quite as big a mess (my space was limited)

So now I have these three paintings to finish....and three paintings to title!

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