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Dog Bowls and Diapers

I had a fabulous time at a watercolor workshop with Soon Young Warren in September. Lots of hints and tips and new ways to do what I already do...but better. It is always wonderful to come away from a workshop with new "things".

NEWS to me......................

USE A DOG BOWL FOR YOUR WATER! Using old plastic butter dishes can ruin your brushes. When you wipe the excess water off of your brush on these containers they slowly sever the bristles. A dog bowl has a rounded edge so that the dig won't get hurt. This edge saves your brush shape.

USE A CLOTH DIAPER INSTEAD OF PAPER TOWELS! Cloth diapers are super absorbent. They are better than a sponge or paper towels to control the water and paint on your brushes. They can be laundered once in a while and used over and over thus saving the cost of replacing sponges or going through piles of paper.

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