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The "Cell Phone Test" - A Photo Finish

I have noticed a new "techno-phenomenon" that is helping artists everywhere...the cell phone camera. More and more I see the artists using their phone for more than to talk to someone.

There is a fascination with seeing art grow before your eyes. I remember when I was teaching, if I had the students watch an artist at work you could hear a pin drop. Even as an accomplished artist I love watching art being made. (Thanks to You Tube!) It is like magic that the image comes to life right before your eyes. So we artists take pictures. But not just to record the event.

I cannot tell you how many times I thought, "This painting is done", I take a picture with my cell phone, look at the picture, and am hit with the realization - "No, you're not". Now, most artists stand back and look at their work from a distance to evaluate. This is standing operating procedure. Many put it up and look at it for days or weeks - over and over - making the decision what to do to it next. But the real test for me has been when I take that picture I think is the last one ..then I look at it... and immediately see what needs to be fixed, tweaked, darkened, lightened or shaded. I am not quite sure why it takes the cell phone image to do this. Perhaps it helps to eliminate all surrounding images and colors to really see what you've got. Not sure. However, I am sure that I will not call a piece done until it has passed the "cell phone test".

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