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The New Look ~ No Purple!

I am very happy with the new site! It is a bit more sophisticated than the other one. You may have noticed that I have given up the purple. Not sure why. Perhaps I just needed a change of pace. The colors were changed from the template somewhat so it was a choice I made.

I also made just crocheted an afghan for my bed, and although it is purple, I introduced turquoise, sage green (always a favorite) and orchid.

I placed a clothes order online and I did not purchase anything purple. I noticed that my entire closet was navy black and purple. So it looks like a shift in palette is happening. Strange. I am used to this when it comes to paint. However, it can be expensive to change it in clothes! So just maybe i"ll hold on to the purples for a bit longer.

Ah........who am I kidding. The purple will return soon enough

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