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So who would have of guessed that my first real blog would be a beach blog. After enduring hours of rain we finally made it to Emerald Isle. It was worth it after getting everything brought in and then looking out the door and stepping out onto the porch with the ocean a block away. It's the horizontal line. The one that makes you feel relaxed and calm. I suppose this is why humans flock to oceans and lakes when they want to relax. Can't get away from that horizontal line ____________________________________________ :-)

BEACH READS: Brought along "Joyland" by Stephen King. It takes place on the NC Coast so that seems appropriate. The second book for reading pleasure is Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson about a hurricane in Galveston TX and last but not least the next in a mystery series called the Viognier Vendetta by Ellen Crosby. Looking forward to some serious book time.

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